When will this ship Please allow up to 5 business days before shipment of Schaefer Ventilation Equipment . Durable weatherproof casing suitable for outdoor use Tansun Algarve Quartz Heaters from Schaefer Ventilation provide you with electric radiant infrared heat and are approved for indoor and outdoor use. They are designed to be plugged into any 115 volt outlet. If you need more flexibility in mounting locations or you desire a portable quartz spot heater the Tansun Algarve Portable Quartz Spot Heater may be more suitable for your heating needs. Electric Quartz heater mounts permanently where you need it most Durable weatherproof casing suitable for outdoor use Safety glass Attractive housing Available in white or black Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Radiant directional targeted infrared spot heat Instant heat within seconds of plugging in Economical to operate Specifications 115 volts 15 3/4-inches wide x 7-inches high x 5 3/4-inches deep Weighs 4.5 pounds Heats approximately 10 foot x 10 foot area when mounted 8 feet off the ground 1200 watt heat source at 115 Volts 3.41 BTU s = 1 Watt Lamp life of 1100 hours Can be used as a patio heater a garage heater an entryway heater you name it Are you in need of compact powerful and efficient indoor or outdoor spot heaters Permanent Mount Infrared Electric Quartz Heaters such as this Tansun Algarve Indoor-outdoor Radiant Heater by Schaefer Ventilation are highly efficient targeted spot heaters. Because they are sealed and coated with a protective finish and have clean simple styling they can be used indoors or outdoors. When mounted at a height elevation of 8 feet Tansun Quartz Heaters provide a targeted warmth area of 10 cubic feet. As these Quartz heaters are designed as infrared radiant heaters they provide warmth for objects within their path rather than inefficient convection heaters that warm the surrounding air which can often be essentially dispersed by drafts and wind. Tansun Algarve quartz outdoor spot heaters are thus ideal for drafty internal areas or external use. Electric Quartz heaters are so efficient they can cost as little as 10-15 cents per hour per unit to operate at full capacity depending upon current energy rates . These energy-conscience heaters can be used as garage heaters patio heaters warehouse heaters entryway heaters whatever your imagination or heating needs are.

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