The Best Tower Space Heater

Small Heater Overview

This tower space heater warms a room more quickly, distributes heat more evenly, and offers more safety features than competing models, thereby earning the “best” title in testing by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.

Small Heater Details

Hammacher Schlemmer Test Results

The results of the rigorous Hammacher Schlemmer tests provided very encouraging results for this small tower space heater. The unit’s 1500-watt ceramic element raised the average room temperature 19°F in an hour, easily surpassing lesser models that could muster only a 9.6°F increase. Unlike lesser units that dispersed heat inefficiently, creating hot and cold spots, this superior heater has a fan that oscillates 90 degrees , resulting in a variance of only 2.1°F from floor to ceiling.

Safety Features of this Small Heater

  • The Best Tower Space Heater shut off fastest in tests to simulate overheating ( 5 seconds)
  • Additional switch in its base that cuts power in under one second when it is tipped over
  • As a room heater, it is capable of evenly heating 144 square feet
  • This small heater features an integrated thermostat that automatically maintains the desired temperature
  • A 24-hour timer
  • Electronic controls with a backlit LCD panel
  • An integral carrying handle
  • a remote control (uses two AAA batteries, included)
  • 6′ cord plugs into AC
  • 34″ H with 12″ diam. base
  • (7 1/2 lbs.)

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