• Instant sun-like warmth
  • Uses less energy than conventional heat source
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Carrying handle

Product Description
The Optimus infrared quartz radiant heater provides instant sun-like warmth for fast focused spot heating. Energy-efficient unit has two heat settings and safety features. Heating Application: Portable, Zone Heating, Watts: 400 or 800, Thermal Cutoff Safety Device: Yes, Tip-Over Safety Switch: Yes

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2 Responses to “Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater by Optimus”

  1. I’m going to be very happy I bought this for the winter. Heaven only knows what heating prices will be and in the area I live in ATMOS gas is high!!! At least now I can shut myself up in one room and get some sleep…the rest of the time I will put on layers of clothes. Living on SS is hard and anything that helps save any money is welcome. I haven’t had to use it yet but am confident it will help me…I couldn’t afford the $300 – $400 systems being sold and as we know, older people “make do” so I give thanks I bought this before the winter.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. J. Pawlowski says:

    Don’t confuse these with those bright heaters that have bright, blinding yellow bulbs in them that burn out after 1 season or melt the heater’s switches. These are the more reliable radiant heaters that glow a dim red-orange, & will last a few years.

    After being very happy with the Optimus radiant 9 inch dish (parabolic) heaters, I decided to try a couple of these & was not disappointed.

    They have a 400 & 800 watt setting. These disperse the radiant heat over a much wider angle than dish (parabolic) heater.

    Dish heaters concentrate most of their heat to a small area, like a chair, sofa, or bed rather than waste the heat all over the room. This heater spreads the heat out more when you need to heat a larger area than a small dish can.

    You save money because it feels warmer where the heater is pointed at instead of blowing heat all over the room, to the corners, under furniture, & up to the ceiling (heat rises).

    Radiant or reflective infrared heaters are also better in drafty rooms or ones with high ceilings where heat is normally lost.

    They are not intended to heat up a whole room nice & toasty… just the area you’re at. However, an 800 watt infrared or reflective heat will eventually heat up a room just as fast & warm as any other 800 watt heater will, but you’ll feel a lot warmer in front of it, & faster.

    The gas company keeps checking my meter thinking it’s broke because my gas bills keep going down while everybody else’s are going up. My electric bills are only 40-50% higher than in summer. $200-$300 per month in energy cost savings so far this year.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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